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It will be a day that I will be unable to forget.It all started when I received a call from work .“Elizabeth ,you have a meeting at nine o’ clock so get there fast”quoted my collegue Thomas. “Be there in a while ”I replied.I quickly got ready, locked my brown ,wooden termite–free door and jumped into my brand new black Subaru vehicle .

As I carefully drove along the pitched highway rain poured and began to beat my spotless windshield like Sumi –Fighters.Lightning began to flash like a thousand photo shoots occurring and thunder roared ferociously like a hungry lion. ‘Green Day ‘ blazed my radio and I was happy as ever.’Baam !’ someone crashed into the side of my car. Suddenly,I fell towards the steering and blood began to ooze from all sides of my head.My once clear vision went to  a sudden blur and I couldn’t see much .I wasn’t sure who contacted the ambulance but they came .I heard deep sawing and drilling then someone pulled me out of my car and placed me on a stretcher and into the waiting ambulance.Everything turned into the complete darkness that no one liked .’Beep!’ ,’Beep!’ something went next to me.I groaned in pain and let go a deep shaky breath.“Doctor!, she’s awake ” someone yelled .I slowly opened my eyes and saw a nurse and a doctor in front of me.“What happened?” I moaned . “Someone crashed into your car and caused massive losses” said the doctor dressed  in blue .“What car ,what accident?” I asked .“Do you remember your name ?” asked the nurse kindly.“No ” I replied.They turned their backs on me and began to mumble .I looked down and saw one leg in a cast and so was my left arm.“Aren’t I suppose to be dead or so ?” I asked them .“Seems like you’ve lost your memory form that brain damage ” claimed the doctor .”I asked you something ” I bullied the truth out of them.“You were but there are good people in this world ,child ” said one of them .“What do you mean by that ?” I asked out of curiousity.

The nurse took me on a black and shiny wheelchair and into a room. I looked at the body infront of me.It was a girl about my age,dark hair almost shoulder-length and a fair yet almost pale complexion.”Why are you showing me this?” I asked.”Look deeply,especially  at her face” doctor said.I looked back at her face and saw a river of flowing images.Tears began to roll down my eyes like an uncontrollable river when I realised who it was.”Kaya wake up!”, I said as I shook my best friend’s lifeless body.”Wake up!”, I yelled hoping for a reply although I knew that I wasn’t going to get any .

”How did this happen?” I asked.”She donated her heart and lungs to you” replied the nurse sadly.”We found her number on your phone and contacted her.” “Why’d you do that ?” I argued with them .”You were dying and she didn’t want that to happen so she gave her life for you,”  they both said .It was the worst day of my life;the day I lost my one true best friend. –ADRIANNA WRITES .