Trinidad , a place where everyone is welcome. My sweet country is legally known for it’s trade of ”Best cocoa in the world.” Also ,the famous beaches and the sweet steelpan music.You may not know what I’m talking about you may be thinking ”what the heck is this person talking about ?” , but the thing you may not know is that Trinidad is a Caribbean country commonly known as Trinidad and Tobago . My country has a rich and very long history .It was first discovered by the Amerindians, then rediscovered by Christopher Columbus .That’s where we got the names of  one of our waters : Columbus Channel .The main city is Port -of-Spain .It may sound boring to you ,but trust me we have alot  in store to see. One thing for sure my sweet  country has alot of tourist attractions such as Diego Martin Water wheel , Gasparee caves ,Knolly ‘s cave and many more .Carnival is played by many people in Trinidad and Tobago ,even tourists from all around the world come to play because my country has the best carnival bands .So remember my country Trinidad ,whenever you feel like having a  vacation.

beachsunsetdiego-martin-water-wheeljpggasparee cavecarnival   – ADRIANNA WRITES


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