A Day in the Life of a Bird

I remember the day as if it was just yesterday.As my eyes fluttered open like a butterfly freed from a jar ,the rays of the glimmering shades of the sun shone through the tiny brown holes of  my bird’s nest.Little dust fairies played along the branches of my termite-free pine tree that I slept on daily.I spread my large fiery red wings and charged out to the wondrous aquamarine skies to embark on an unpredictable journey.Several shapes and sizes of those fluffy looking things swarmed above my head .Beneath ,held a beautiful view of children playing in the sunflower fields of the country side.With my bold jewel -like eyes I spotted a prey below prancing in the forest ,so I swooped down and tried to clutch my prey by it’s neck .It squandered for around for hours until ” Cack!” I caught him by the neck .The deer wiggled it’s body but it made of no sense .A cliff above I laid him down and devoured into his flesh .Then the sunset came and flashed my body ,I erupted into flames,then into ashes but don’t  you worry.With the dawn’s light I will be reincarnated from my ashes again.Only once, I wish I can lead a day in the life of a normal bird. – ADRIANNA WRITES


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